Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tastes Like Chicken

I got a phone call Wednesday afternoon from David Wilson, who is
an agent for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries who specializes in catching alligators.

He had just pulled a 8-9 foot alligator from Champion Lake in Shreveport after the department received a nuisance call. Wilson selects several locations around the water and hangs alligator hooks baited with chicken quarters from trees. The bait is placed hanging over the water about 18 inches high, low enough for alligators to reach but high enough to keep turtles from eating the bait. Check the bait and if there is an alligator in the water he will find the meat eventually. I wonder if this is the reason everyone says alligator tastes like chicken?

I have been out with Wilson years ago on Cross Lake during the season after Wilson's name was drawn for Louisiana's wild alligator season. The wild harvest programs are re-assessed annually. Based on population estimations, tags are given to hunters who put in their name for a lottery hunt.

I wouldn't mind tracking down whoever wins the lottery this fall and go out for another season............or I could not wait for the season and just go with Wilson for one of the many nuisance reports he responds to in the area.


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