Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday morning I met up with some of the Webster chamber members and police jurors who joined La. Wildlife and Fisheries reps and other interested citizens for a boat tour of Bayou Dorcheat. The purpose of the tour was to get some of the folks that may be involved in making a decision on a proposal to improve the navigability of the bayou with a firsthand look at all of the wildlife and scenic
views that can be found on a short boat ride.

I have never been on this particular bayou before so I was eager to take the ride and see what we could find.

The most striking vegetation other than the thousands of cypress trees would have to be the Mimosa tree that was in bloom. Very cool. A bit later we found several Egrets and a very fast flying Kingfisher who flew by the boat. My only "miss" of the tour was and owl, who for obvious reasons took off as soon as our boat came up the bayou.


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