Thursday, March 26, 2009

YES! One more game...

Working the nights and weekend shifts I get to cover A LOT of sporting events. Through my career I have shot a lot of football, baseball, basketball volleyball, lets just say if it has the word "ball" in the name I've seen it and photographed it. But growing up in Florida I was not exposed to a lot of hockey. I know what your thinking, they have the Lightning in Tampa Bay where your from. My answer is I moved away from home not long after hockey started up there so I had never made a game. In fact I had never been to or photographed a hockey game until I moved to Shreveport and started photographing the Mudbugs. I have to say I really enjoy it. As a photographer I like the fact that it is non-stop action. Except for some rather long breaks between periods. But working as I am I rarely get to stay past the 1st period anyway so its no big deal. Anyway the point of this is that I'm glad the Mudbugs pulled it out last night so I get to shoot, at least, one more game.


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