Monday, March 30, 2009

To Each His Own

I shot this year's all-city and all area players and coaches. It's a style not everyone likes, but one I've come to admire. I like the surreal, smooth look to them. I combined High Dynamic Range backgrounds with subjects shot in the studio using three lights for each--one above the subject and two back camera left and camera right. Then with a little PhotoShop ingenuity, I put the two images together. For those curious, the backgrounds are the downtown YMCA and an old decrepit gym in Rocky Mount, La. (thanks to Henrietta and Val for that find!)

As I said, it's a style some really like and others not so much. But, as it were, I was the one holding the camera that each his own!

Jeremiah Williams, Bossier high School, 2009 All-City Coach of the Year

Kendrick Washington, Huntington High School, 2009 All-City Player of the Year

Kermit Walker, Springhill High School, 2009 All-Area Coach of the Year

Antonious Markray, Springhill High School, 2009 All-Area Player of the Year


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