Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar eclipse

My plan was to go down to LSUS and hang out at the public star party for the lunar eclipse Wednesday night where I could track down someone who could tell me about how far the moon would be moving across the sky because I wanted to set up one of my camera's and try to capture a time-lapse sequence of the moon moving across the sky.

I watched the sky, the weather reports and finally decided it just wasn't going to work. So a few minutes before the 7:43pm start I walked outside only to find a huge break in the clouds.

I rushed and got a tripod and camera set up in my backyard and started shooting. I put the second camera on the roof of my wife's van and set the built in timer (intervalometer) and pointed the camera to the sky with a wide angle lens but soon after I had the camera up and running the sky started to be filled back up with clouds.

I was able to make a few images of the moon covering the last bit of the moon with the first camera. On that camera I used my D300 with a 400 mm lens with a 2x converter.

I guess I have a couple of years to plan for the next lunar eclipse.


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