Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dairy Queen

Inspired by an essay on the loss of memory by a German philosopher, Larry McMurtry once wrote a book called "Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen." It wasn't the greatest book. It's an interesting look into McMurtry as a writer and told a little about growing up in Texas. But the thing that stuck with me were the passages about the Dairy Queens in and around Archer City, Texas.

In Texas (at least the part west of Fort Worth) road trips are measured by the distance between DQs. Children recount priceless memories based around the DQ in their grandparents town. Old farmers chat every morning over a Dilly Bar and a coffee.

So why should it be any surprise the parking lot at the DQ in Logansport has the strongest cell signal... and therefore became my press room for the basketball game I just shot.


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