Friday, October 19, 2007

Raining Pecans

Last week I went out to shoot some photos of the pecan harvest at the LSU Pecan Research-Extension Station south of Shreveport. It was interesting to watch some of the specialized machinery used for the harvest in action.........and they had a lot of it.
Have you ever watched a "tree shaker" in action?
I really wanted to make a cool image of the machine in action but ended up finding it difficult to photograph the machine that shakes the tree for about 15 - 20 seconds causing leaves, twigs and a bunch of pecans to fall to the ground.
My first thought was to shoot it with with some light behind the machine to highlight the falling debris.

* Next I thought I would use a slow shutter speed to catch some motion, but that didn't work well either.

* To make the situation even worse was the nice sunny day. Yeah, thats fine but there is not a lot of light under the trees where the machine was working.

* The best solution was to plays about 5-6 images together in the slideshow.

By the way I also learned that I have pecan weevils in my pecan trees.
Yes, pecan weevils.


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