Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Deja Vu

Yesterday afternoon, July 31, 2007, I heard a SPD officer talking on the scanner about a truck he was chasing in south Shreveport. It was not an unusual broadcast so I continued to work as I kept listening to the chase. I have found that it is usually pretty easy to tell by the tone in the officers voice just how series the incident in question has become. A few moments later he anxiously said something like they just hit a house and then repeated and asked for EMS and other assistance......

The chase started after an SPD officer saw the vehicle speeding near Wallace Avenue at West 77th Street and ended in the house in the 7700 block of Woodfield Drive. Fortunately the occupants of the home were not injured after the truck crashed into the living room.

Upon arrival I saw the truck had indeed smashed into the home and began to photograph the scene. SPD already had a passenger in custody and were searching for the driver. After shooting I wondered if it was the same house from a similar accident six months ago?

Back at the office I checked in our archives and found that it was the same street. That accident, on Monday Oct. 30, 2006 in the 7800 block of Woodfield Drive, was the result of juveniles drag-racing in two cars. One of the cars, a stolen Olds 88, lost control at the intersection of Melrose Street and Woodfield Drive, running onto a yard and into the southeast corner of a home. The house then caught on fire as the three youthful offenders fled in the Sherwood Park neighborhood.


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