Sunday, April 8, 2007

No One Trick Pony

Many times the general public will ask me, "Are you the sports photographer?" I'm sure it's because of my superior, athletic physique (snicker snicker), but one of the big reasons I love my job is because I'm not limited to one type of photography. I would get bored shooting sports all the time or going to work everyday to do studio portraits of kids and so on. While I love shooting AND playing sports, I also have other interests and I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing different things on a regular basis. I like seeing what kind of surreal images I can create in PhotoShop, or shooting portraits of some crazy rock band and playing with kids while on assignment. If I was not a photojournalist, I never would have made it to the NFC Championship game in Chicago this year or taken a recent trip to the heart of rural Mexico. The images included in my blog are from the past week, so you can see the range of subjects I'm asked to cover.


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