Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friendly Challenge

Fellow staffer Jim Hudelson walked into the photo lab from his baseball game all pumped up, proud of the images he brought back and talking just a little bit of "trash". I gave it right back and told him I'd just have to come back with something better as I headed out to a game of my own to shoot. He threw it out there...he'd leave it to me to choose the Photo of the Day. The gauntlet had been thrown down...the challenge was issued...the pressure was on. His shot of a kid not-so-adept at running the bases, or something that I might get in my game. After I returned from my game, I also had some shots to be proud of, but Hudelson gets the "prize" with his "Nosedive" image. It was a close race, but I couldn't beat the shot of the kid face-planted in the dirt.

There's nothing like a friendly challenge among peers to get the creative juices flowing and keep you interested in your 20th baseball game of the year. There was no money up for grabs. Not really any bragging rights outside of the Photo of the Day. It just goes to show how differently eyes cans see things like action, the agony of defeat, or a side of the game folks dont normally see in a photo assignment about baseball. It's nice to see what you can come back with after a little perseverance and some hard work.


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