Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"A bear just passed us"

I Shot an assignment this morning with students from Eighty-First Street Early Childhood Education Center during a Christmas gathering with residents at The Glen Retirement System in Shreveport. My favorite photo from the assignment was of Zipper and Connor, both therapy dogs for residents, who were patiently waiting for the kids to arrive.

It was chilly and some of the workers were dressed up as Elves and went outside to greet the 180 or so kids arriving by bus. As the end of the group walked into the building I heard one of the kids say "A bear just passed us". The elves looked at each other and I looked at the elves. Everyone confused, especially me without my elf costume.

Then I saw the woman who just had walked by us while entering the building...............wearing a full length fur coat!

It made my day.


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