Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Team Tennis

You'd think dozens of kids playing in the USTA Tennis Team Championships would be an easy assignment. Everywhere you look there's tennis going on. But when you actually get in there to do it, it turns out to be quite a task. Because you're roaming from court to court, you dont get the opportunity to get a feel for how certain players perform. When you know someone or have the chance to watch them, you begin to notice things about how they play...a tongue sticking out, odd form, cool shoes, funny faces, and so on. In addition, while I was roaming, I seemed to stop at a court, get settled into a position to shoot only to have a game or set end and the players take a break, leaving me standing there looking like a fool. Add those factors plus the fact that it's just plain hot, and it makes getting lots of shots a challenge.



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