Thursday, June 4, 2009


During an assignment covering Ruston as a destination spot, reporter Maggie Martin and I visited several spots...peach farm, dairy farm, gift shops, etc. The best by far was the Blue Lite Cafe. It's an old house with home cookin'. Everyone in the area knows about it and swears by it. It sounds cliche, but the fried chicken reminded me of my Grandmomma. And the peach cobbler. Good Lord. I dont even like peach cobbler much, but head cook Nina VenZant made a masterpiece! She says the secret is in letting it cook for a long time so the peaches get good and soft. The next time my Pops comes to visit his granddaughter, I'll gladly take him on an hour drive to Ruston for lunch at the Blue lite cafe for home cooking and peach cobbler...he'll be in Heaven.

Peach Cobbler



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