Monday, June 8, 2009

Bistineau Salvinia

A few days ago I took another trip to Lake Bistineau to photograph the invasive Giant Salvinia that has taken over many areas of the lake. Although I went to a different part of the lake about a year ago, the section I was in this year looked nearly the same with Salvinia everywhere. It was so thick that as soon as our boat passed through and the water stopped moving the Salvinia just floated back to form a solid cover of green over the water.

I'm guessing that LDWF is doing some testing because and area known as "Tidus Arm" was surrounded by floating barriers that actually seemed to keep the floating plant at least "contained" in that area.

I liked the blurred image of Richard Lindsey, owner of Crappie Buster Guide Service, speeding through the "green" water, but also wish the Salvinia would have been around when I stopped to shoot a fisherman standing on the front of his boat.

Something needs to be done or the area lakes and ponds filled with the Salvinia will not fit appropriately into Louisiana's nickname of Sportsman's Paradise.


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