Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lacrosse Rocks

I hardly ever get to shoot lacrosse. I don't even really know a lot about the game. As a young boy while living in Virginia I got to go to a bunch of box lacrosse games. Box lacrosse if you don't know is kinda like arena football is to football. So I am familiar but only covering a handful of lacrosse games here leaves me wanting more. Tho I will admit I like shooting ANY SPORT as long as it's during the day and it's semi sunny. SO I was excited to shoot the finals of the LHSLL 2009 State Lacrosse Championships game between Loyola and Jesuit. I thought the rain was going to mess up our plans and the morning photographer was going to shoot the game, but I lucked out and the start time changed back to 1pm. Anyway it was a great game, both teams put up a heck of a fight. My favorite play was in the final minute of the game and it was a hit gone wrong by a young Jesuit player. You had to be there but it was like a VW bug hitting a brick wall. The LHSLL put on a great tournament and I hope it's back here next year.


Anonymous 5/11/2009 4:04 PM  

Doug-E-Fresh, you kick my photo hiney! I hope the locals know how lucky they are to have you all there to bring it home. Later, SRE

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