Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have been to the First United Methodist Church in downtown Shreveport dozens and dozens and dozens of times for various assignments over the years. The stained glass is quite interesting and since it is a church they certainly have a lot of different pieces.

For some reason I found a window today that I have not noticed before. I tried to use that window and make a silhouette during the National Day of Prayer Service but I just couldn't get all of the elements to fall into place. I spent a lot of the service working this angle but it just would not work the way I had planned. The photo that I tried to make would not win any awards but it was just a nice shot and a shot that I have not made before.

The above photograph of another window that I shot during the service is similar to what I was trying to capture today, but not as nice.

I guess the "newly found" stained glass will have to wait for my next visit to the church.


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