Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When your too busy to stop and smell the flowers,

You should stop and smell the flowers...
Yesterday was one of those days when I had a full plate. I started the day with a change of command ceremony that I wanted to shoot stills and video. from there I had to roll to get stand alone art. After returning to the office I was thrown a curve ball. Needed art of the Azaleas in bloom at the Norton Art Gallery. That's fine any other time, but I needed to start editing my video footage. It was 4pm and getting cloudy but it had to be done because the rains later this week may ruin the blooms. Anyway, I went and got some, I think, nice shots and I felt better after spending an hour or so wandering the Azalea bushes and not getting stung by a bee. Funny how pretty flowers can mellow you out. So the moral is stop when you think your too busy because you may not get a chance to stop later.

Anyway here are some shots from the gardens.


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