Friday, March 6, 2009

Life on the Set

Since we became Hollywood South, I've been on many movie sets or sent to the area someone is shooting a film on assignment. If I'm invited, it's usually a good experience, but occasionally we go to get some shots to show our readers what's happening in Shreveport, and if we weren't invited by the studio, we're not always welcomed with open arms.

Today I went downtown to try and get some shots of filming for the movie "Cool Dog". After snapping a few shots, I appraoched some Shreveport police officers and asked them if they thought it would be a problem if I shot some photos from the street where others passersby were watching. Instead of turning me away, an officer called someone on the set who called someone else and so on. The end result? Photography right from the set!

ever see Eddie and the Cruisers? That's Michael Pare' on the right.

New York in downtown Shreveport!

That's director Danny Lerner standing next to the star's stand-in.


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