Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Party Time!

Tuesday evening (the night before Halloween) I covered a Halloween party for people with disabilities. We were just shooting it to include a photo gallery with as many Halloween events as possible, so I wasnt asked to worry about detailed captions. I just spent about 30 minutes aiming my long lens in every direction, popping off party pics in program mode ( shooting party pics is the only time I ever go automatic with my camera settings, the rest of the time my D2H's never seem to balance the light correctly on auto). It was already an easy assignment, but my experience made it even easier and difficult to leave and head to my assignment shooting hockey (not exactly at the top of my list of favorite sports) .

The folks at this function all picked out and paid for their costumes and before they even walked in the door you could see how excited they were. The minute the DJ put on the first song the dancefloor was already inhabited by happy faces doing the Cupid Shuffle.

Look, I dont know much about these disabilities, but I can say that those folks know how to party and have a good time. Between the great costumes and all the folks cuttin' it up on the dancefloor, they made my own Halloween party look silly.


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