Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No Air?

I dunno... should I feel sorry for kids that have to ride home from school in a bus with no air conditioning? I mean none of us had air conditioning, right? Heck, I didn't even have air conditioning in my truck as a high school/college student... or at my first two jobs. So is it really needed for the month at the beginning and end of the school year?

All that being said... I sure don't wanna be the guy to tell irrational parents that air conditioning in the buses is less important than say... art classes... or music... or pay raises for teachers.


Anonymous 8/28/2007 12:37 AM  

Are you serious? What about heat related deaths? When the temp reaches 110 degrees and the windows only rool half way down the heat from under the bus comes in and contributes to the heat already inside the bus. As far as your comments about "when you were a kid". That is not the same. Ever studied Global Warming? Do you know that out h2O levels are higher than they have ever been in recorded history? Do you know that it's been hotter the past few years than when you were a kid? Have you ever seen a child around 5 years old about to faint whose red in the face and their hair is soaking wet getting off a school bus with no AC? How horrid is that? How do you think it's o.k. to treat these children like that? At your age you can get a AC for you car and take care of yourself. So if you don't have an AC it's your own fault. At least you can take care of it. These children have no choice. We are supposed to take care of them. The responsible adults. Besides that any risk of a heat related death to a child is very much more important than any class they could take in school. Your talking about 2 different issues. Safety vs learning.

Tisha 11/10/2008 1:38 PM  

Great work.

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