Thursday, July 19, 2007


It all started out with an assignment in Vivian for a story Dr. Stephen Taylor working at the North Caddo Medical Center. The story is about Taylor being a doctor and the Mayor of the small town in northern Louisiana.

Although I have been in the small hospital at least a dozen times over the years I have never noticed a mirror with the hospital's name on one of the hallways, probably because I normally enter the hospital through a side door, but today I came through the main entrance. After making some generic shots of the doctor talking with patients and such, I knew I needed to find something better. I waited to see which direction the doctor would take so I could be in position for the shot. While I waited for the doctor to continue his rounds I noticed a sad face on the wall...........Yeah, maybe I was getting bored, but for whatever reason it caught my eye.

Late in the day the next afternoon I was asked to try and get "something" at a local hotel to try and improve on a construction photo shot earlier in the day. Of course nobody was in the lobby, no guests waiting for a shuttle outside and no guest checking in or out of the hotel, so I waited. Finally I spotted Kevin Williams coming down the hall with a mop which gave me the trifecta. A subject, the picturesque lobby and a mirror.


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