Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Saga Continues

I already have tired-head talking about Allan Detrich, former photographer for the Toledo Blade and his recent unethical manipulation of a photograph. (Read my earlier post below.) Now it turns out that nearly 80 of his images over the past 14 weeks have been doctored! And now I find out Detrich was a Pulitzer finalist in '98!?!?!? Not only is he removing objects, he's been adding them too!
According to the Blade, Detrich submitted 947 photographs for publication in 2007, right up through his last week of work. Of those 947, 233 were published either in the newspaper or on the Blade’s Web site. Editors have determined that 79 of the photographs were clearly digitally altered. Of these, 27 altered images were published both in print and online, and 31 were published only on the Web. The balance of the altered images (21) were pictures Detrich had submitted for publication that were not published, because editors selected, by chance, different photographs to publish from these assignments.
Donald R. Winslow

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I've heard of photographers being fired for manipulating images before....but this guy takes the cake. I just don't get it. I cant blog on any further about this one.

Read the story and get the facts from the NPPA story.


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