Friday, April 6, 2007

Forty Years of Service

I just met Father Kenneth Paul on assignment for a story about area clergy leaving and the openings they are leaving behind. Father Paul is one really neat guy. Although he speaks with a proper English accent as he was educated at Cambridge, Fr. Paul is from Alexandria. He was extremely comfortable with my being in his church and photographing him for the story, as he has dealt with the media many times during his 40 years as pastor of Holy Cross church.I get the feeling he has some great stories to share, or at least has the eloquence to make the mundane seem exciting given the way he speaks and carries himself. I found myself laughing several times as I shot his photograph during a Sunday morning service while he told jokes to his parishioners.I saw him again at a function today (The Way of the Cross for Peace and Justice) and he approached me as though he had known me for years. I really like Fr. Paul and I'm sure his parishioners will be sad to see him go as he is retiring Easter Sunday after 40 years of service.


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