Monday, March 26, 2007

YOU be the Judge

The photogs have gotten a few offers from organizations looking for someone to sort of "stake out" some of the many movie sets here in Shreveport looking for shots of the big stars here in town. I'm proud to say, they havent gotten any takers. It's just a little too "sketchy" for us. With that, I leave you this blurb from The New York Times. I'll let YOU be the judge.

Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards are being sued by two freelance photographers who contend that Ms. Richards assaulted them last year when they tried to take her picture and that the women lied about the scuffle, The Associated Press reported. At the time Ms. Richards and Ms. Anderson were at the River Rock Casino in British Columbia to work on the film “Blonde and Blonder.” Seeking unspecified damages, the photographers, Scott Cosman and Rik Fedyck, said in their lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court that the incident caused them emotional distress and caused them to lose revenue because clients abandoned them. According to the lawsuit Ms. Richards became enraged when she saw them photographing her, called them “paparazzi scum,” assaulted them, seized their laptops and hurled the computers off a hotel balcony. Later, the photographers said, the women “made repeated false and defamatory statements to law enforcement and various media outlets.” Ms. Anderson confided to her online diary, “If it were me, I would’ve thrown the photographers over the edge — they got lucky.” Representatives of the defendants did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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