Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thrown Out at Third

Here's a real behind-the-scenes look at our profession for you folks..Covering Centenary versus Arkansas baseball at the Gold Dome in Shreveport, I was a bit bored, despite the high scoring game. There were a lot of shots into the gap, walks, home run, and so on...not a lot of room for good defensive action. I switched positions from off to the side behind the plate and headed for the third base line. I didnt catch the first part of the "discussion", but just caught Arkansas head coach Dave Van Horn mouth something to the third base umpire and the umpire gave that all-too-familiar throwing action and yelled, "Yerrr outta here!" Needless to say, Van Horn was not a happy camper and charged the ump and started shouting at him. We've all seen the footage of managers yelling at umpires and the umps giving it right back, but few ever really get to hear the actual "conversation". Van Horn had some real choice words for the ump. All anyone who was within earshot could do was kind of look around at one another and kinda shrug the shoulders. In my humble opinion, that was the most fun and the best action I got from the whole game!


Adam Kealoha Causey 3/22/2007 9:44 PM  

Wow. I wouldn't want either of them up in my face like that.

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