Friday, March 2, 2007

Dr. King's speech at Old Galilee

I have a smile on my face today after completing my latest project, especially since it was a self-assigned.

The project is an audio slideshow incorporating sound and photos from Dr. Martin Luther King's first visit to Shreveport in 1958. Local dentist and activist Dr. C.O. Simpkins invited King to speak at the church and meet with small groups and help plan strategies for integration and voter registration. Simpkins was president of the United Christian Movement and fourth vice president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

The vast majority of my time was spent on the phone and around the city tracking down old photos, finding local participants and gaining access to the vacant and locked building. I have worked on the project between daily assignments since December of 2006.

It was very interesting speaking with those who were present for the speech. Mamie Love Wallace, Bernice Smith, Catherine Peete and Dr. C.O. Simpkins. Each had a story, each have memories of Dr. King.

Peete, who opened the front door for Dr. King, remembers being asked if she was afraid. She said that she "was not afraid, but I sure was scared," referring to those who found their car windshields shattered, tires punctured or tickets under their wipers for parking violations after the meetings.

A special thanks to Dr. C.O. Simpkins for allowing me to use his recording from the civil rights gathering at the church in my slideshow, It is one of the earliest known recordings of a full speech by King.


Robert Burge 3/02/2007 7:59 PM  

Wow. That's great. Good Job Mr.Hudelson.

Anonymous 3/02/2007 9:52 PM  

Nice job with a subject that happened over 30 years ago...tough to make something out of nothing.

Storm 7/29/2008 1:06 PM  

Aunt Catherine (Catherine Peete)passed away today. I'd only recently informed her of this article a few days ago. She was surprised and humbly honored. She'll be missed by Shreveport and us all. Aunt Cat WAS LOVE.

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