Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Day In The Park

Typically baseball is not my strongest sport. First off, I don't particularly like the game. Also, to me it is hours and hours of sheer boredom followed by mere moments of action. You have to concentrate on what's going on all the time, even through the boring parts, because if you don't, the action is over before you realize it has started.

So as the season gets started this year I have vowed to myself to make better baseball images. For me it seems the key is to keep my brain active during the game, always seeking some image or another. Watching the dugout, changing shooting positions between innings and even playing around with remote-mounted cameras seem to help me keep my head in the game. My goal is to shoot better action, but also to capture some of the quieter moments of the sport. These are just a start, but hopefully the plan will work and shooting baseball will become more than just a day in the park.


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